I sometimes wonder, if O and I didn’t have near identical tastes in food, would we still be together? Much of our time seems to revolve around where the next meal is coming from. Dim Sum is an absolute food stable for us – buy it frozen from the Chinese Supermarket, and you’r 15 minutes and some soy sauce away from simple, satisfying comfort food.

Honky Tonk, Clapham

I’ve been to Honky Tonk (the Clapham branch) a couple of times now, so I figured I should probably share my thoughts with you, little lamb. Now I’ve only been for brunch, and we all know my thoughts about venturing out into the drunken Friday night hoards (= don’t).

So, I think I’m fairly confident to say it’s convenient, the decor is nice, the brunch is nice and it’s a good spot if you’re heading north for weekend adventures and need some serious sustenance to fuel yourself.

Honky Tonk Clapham

The Avalon, Clapham

A couple of Sundays ago, my flatmate and I really need to eat and chat and chat and eat.
We headed to The Avalon in Clapham and had one of the best roast dinners I’ve ever had. It was up there with my Step-mama’s roasts. Didn’t quite clinch the deal, but then The Avalon isn’t family. Yet.

No 32 The Old Town

Last Saturday, O and I went for a late morning date to one of South London’s newest bars, No 32 The Old Town. With the paint smell still fresh, a huge open kitchen and a terrace phenomenal views over Clapham Common, it was the perfect place to while a way a few hours with catch-ups and sentimental dreamings on futures to come.
No 32, clapham, review
As sleepy beings emerging from duvet cocoons, we weren’t about early enough to snaffle one of the prime spots on the terrace. Instead we lurked at street level and snatched up the first empty table we could. It’s a lovely place to sit and stare at passers by, making up stories about the lives they’ve lived and friends they’ve made.