Last week I headed down to Evoluzione at Hotel Xenia with the Zomato crew, for a tasting menu prepared by Michelin Star awarded Italian chef Andrea Angeletti and his team. I’ve been using the Zomato app for some time, and uploading reviews as I go on my merry way through every burger in town. I find it really useful – particularly if I’m in a new part of town and looking for somewhere more exciting than Starbucks. (Otherwise known as the ‘free power and wifi cafe’).


The setting was really beautiful – definitely a great venue for a date or a quiet family get together. It’s not remotely stuffy, and all of the staff were brilliant – quiet a task when you’re entire restaurant has been filled with wanna-be food critics! The vanity tables were set up to give us all a chance to watch how the food was prepared – I’ve never done any ‘chef’s table’ kind of affairs, but it was a really lovely experience. Definitely the kind of thing worth doing with someone who’s got a real passion and understanding of cuisine. 


Flesh and Buns is having something of a moment. A hybrid of sushi and dim-sum, this Soho basement sets itself up as the perfect place to share and gossip with friends. Lets just say it: this place thinks its better than it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good. But it sure isn’t great. And, as I see more and more people raving about the offering, I can’t help but scratch my head and wonder why. The staff are friendly, the food is pleasant, but the prices are outrageous.

Flesh and Bun menu

Patty, Bun and Cider with Rosie

Last week the utterly stunning Miss Rosie Bee had a date for burgers, outfit shoots and blogging business chat.