Decadent Mince Pies

mince pie recipe

Absolutely nothing says Christmas like overflowing, snow-covered, star-topped mince pies. I really want to say that store-bought is good enough, and that we shouldn’t bother making these ourselves, but I’m not quite there yet. However, in amongst the Christmas shopping, spending time with loved ones (and working in retail…), December is just not my time for pastry making and perfecting mincemeat. Instead, I bring you the most decadent, boozy, flaky and rich mince pies. Four ingredients, a small stir and we’re done.

Chocolate Making with Rococo

Rococo chocolates

I first discovered Rococo chocolates in Liberty with Mama TE, who is obsessed with their darling retro packaging and lux flavour combinations. I’m a big believer that chocolate can make an amazing gift – but not if we’re talking a half price box of Thorntons. Artisan chocolate is a thing to be savoured. That single mouthful after an amazing meal – where you can close your eyes, let it melt on your tongue, and be transported to happier climes.


A couple of weeks ago Daddy TE descended on London town for a visit. Safe to say, London is not his favourite place in the world to spend the weekend. (I believe, in fact, he asked my Stepmama if she was ready to leave fifteen minutes after stepping of the train). Fatherly love, right there. (He also met my boyfriend. They got on. They like each other. It’s weird and creepy and they are absolutely NOT allowed to be pals).

honeycomb on toast


This weekend is the start of the ‘Bess makes everyone’s Easter eggs’ challenge. I imagine this is going to go something like the ‘Bess makes everyone’s Christmas presents’ fiasco and ends up taking over all my free time and costing about seven billion times more than going shop bought.
Easter eggs
Still. I’ve bought the moulds, I’ve scoured around for the inspiration and it’s just too jolly late to turn back now.