steamed dim sum buns recipe

First week back at work after Christmas is absolutely not my favourite week of the year. After two amazingly relaxing weeks filled with friends, family, games, red wine and laughing until our sides hurt,  I have come back to earth with an exceedingly painful bump. And I’m not enjoying it at all.

Two ingredient crispy duck

Ya know my theory about home made always being better than shop bought? Well, it just doesn’t apply to takeaways. I can make a mean home made pizza, whizz up pretty snazzy naan and make a mean chilli chicken. But there are days when a lady just needs dinner delivered in a foil tray. And that’s okay.

crispy duck recipe, peking duck, chinese, healthy, asian

But have you SEEN the price of crispy duck? I just can’t pay it. It’s wrong and I can make it *almost* as fast as they can bring it to me. Two ingredients, and a very tasty dinner. Serve it up with some hoisin and it’s a very luxurious evening supper.

Five spice chilli chicken with caramelised cashews

This wasn’t an intended blog post. But I was stumbling around in the kitchen on Monday evening, and a plate of utter glorious-ness was born. I thought you might like it…
recipe, crisy chicken, sweet chili, five spice, cashews, spinach
Crispy chilli chicken, with a five spice crumb, wilted greens and utterly sexy cashews. This is worth putting down your Easter egg for.
AND you can make it all in under ten minutes.