Chocolate Making with Rococo

Rococo chocolates

I first discovered Rococo chocolates in Liberty with Mama TE, who is obsessed with their darling retro packaging and lux flavour combinations. I’m a big believer that chocolate can make an amazing gift – but not if we’re talking a half price box of Thorntons. Artisan chocolate is a thing to be savoured. That single mouthful after an amazing meal – where you can close your eyes, let it melt on your tongue, and be transported to happier climes.

Mini Egg Fudge (and a sorry tale)

You may remember I made Easter eggs this year. Turns out Easter eggs don’t do train travel so good.
(There may have been an incident where I discovered this late on Friday night and sobbed my heart out for  a good half an hour. Yup.
So I dragged my sorry, snot-nosed, mascara ridden self down to Tesco only to be informed of a ‘national mini egg shortage’.
I mean…. seriously?!
It’s okay though, because I found some. If you’ve given up chocolate for lent – this is the way you want to reintroduce it back into your diet.
Although you may also want a cardiologist on stand by.
You will need:
700g dark chocolate
2 tins condensed milk
60g butter
400g mini eggs
(based on Nigella’s fudge recipe).

Melt chocolate, condensed milk and butter over a low heat.
Scatter through 300g mini eggs – you can bash them about into pieces, but they may melt if you do…
Pour into a clingfilm lined mould and top with the remaining mini-eggs.
Leave to set before slicing.
Eat for breakfast?