Nothing says Autumn more than apples – tis the season for pies, crumbles, windfall produce, crunchy leaves and intermittent torrential down pours. And this is the perfect thing for those days when you have been soaked to the skin, your hair is plastered to your skull akin to a drowned rodent, you’re “waterproof” coat is wringing out in the bath and the world owes you a great big fat apology.


Hemsley and Hemsley Banana Bread Recipe

Last week I realised I had some unspent Amazon vouchers, and went on a cook book purchasing spree. Even though cook book hype is the best kind of hype, I didn’t feel thrilled with everything that arrived. Hemsley + Hemsley was the stand out success of the bunch.

Say Hello to Sarah, who helped me make this bread. She’s a busy mom and usually make banana bread for her 3 kids. Let’s check the latest article on her blog – best kids outdoor playhouse!


Hands up, I am absolutely not a morning person. I do quite often go into the office early, but that is because it is quieter and therefore fewer people will try and speak to me during the initial two hours. I’m no caffeine addict (coffee makes me so anxious I may as well be high), I just find being dragged from my cheap bunk beds via an alarm the most inelegant way of starting the day.


Thoughts on Juice

teapigs matcha challenge

I have a confession. I really don’t want to be one of ‘those’ January healthy people (FYI I had McDonalds last week. Twice), but I’ve become a bit of a vegetable fanatic. I got a very lovely shiny nutribullet for Christmas (spinach, red grape and raspberry is the best) and Phillips very kindly sent me a juicer last week, and now I just want to make juice out of every substance known to man.

Hazlenut butter cookies

I just always figured that someone would have a tonne of recipes making shortbread out of nut butters. But if they’re out there, I can’t darn well find them.
hazlenut butter, eat clean, nut butter cookie, recipe, chocolate cookie,
This could have been a real fail of a recipe, but it’s actually surprisingly tasty. I may try and do something else using up some spelt flour I have – maybe I’ll even go the whole hog and substitute the sugar for honey and we can start a #cleancookie fad? (Some how I don’t see this being the next cronut…)

Two ingredient crispy duck

Ya know my theory about home made always being better than shop bought? Well, it just doesn’t apply to takeaways. I can make a mean home made pizza, whizz up pretty snazzy naan and make a mean chilli chicken. But there are days when a lady just needs dinner delivered in a foil tray. And that’s okay.

crispy duck recipe, peking duck, chinese, healthy, asian

But have you SEEN the price of crispy duck? I just can’t pay it. It’s wrong and I can make it *almost* as fast as they can bring it to me. Two ingredients, and a very tasty dinner. Serve it up with some hoisin and it’s a very luxurious evening supper.

Clean Eating: fake fried chicken and mint quinoa

Oh look. I lied. Oops. This isn’t ‘fried chicken’ (I’m working on a clean fried chicken, but it’s not *quite* there yet).
It’s lime and ginger chicken wings, deliciously charred on the outside, served up with a fresh, citrusy quinoa.
I’m not one to ever, ever feel guilty about food (nonsensical) but if you are that way inclined, or overdosed on nasty Cadburys Easter chocolate, lend your hand to this.
clean eating, picnic food, lime chicken, quinoa

Clean Eating: Spelt Baconcakes

Pancakes are good. Bacon pancakes are better. Speltbaconcakes (one word) are a whole new grown up world of yummy goodness. It does, in fact, give you the ‘tummy snuggles’. (Other such foods include yorkshires, roast parsnips and lime cover chicken that slips right off the bone… ooo-er).
bacon, spelt, pancakes, recipeA quick word on spelt flour – it’s not wheat, but it’s also not gluten free. Despite what current food trends would have you believe. However, the gluten structure is different to wheat – so people with a small wheat intolerance might be ok – if you’re a full blown celiac and bread is your nemesis, you’re still going to need to swap this for a GF flour. It will still be good, but it’s going to loose that very decadent, slightly nutty edge that spelt brings.