Tis the season of umpteen dinner parties. Or at least it’s felt that way. And whilst I may have made a snide remark or ten about having to slave away behind a stove morning, noon and night, I’m secretly thrilled at being able to have all our nearest and dearest round to our home – rather than schlepping into central London to eat sub-par over-priced food and pay circa £17 for a shit glass of wine. By the way, let’s check the best foldable picnic table for outdoor dinner aparties. 

Essentially, it’s been wonderful. And I know I’m entering middle age when I say I’m starting to feel like I’m mastering the skill of dinner party hostess. The first thing I’ve learned, is that pudding (it is always pudding, and never ‘dessert *shudder*), should be made at least a day ahead, and that tarts are an excellent option. (I also whipped up a lemon tart, and lemon puddings from the same mix – so if you’d like to see the recipe for that, shout up below).



This weekend is the start of the ‘Bess makes everyone’s Easter eggs’ challenge. I imagine this is going to go something like the ‘Bess makes everyone’s Christmas presents’ fiasco and ends up taking over all my free time and costing about seven billion times more than going shop bought.
Easter eggs
Still. I’ve bought the moulds, I’ve scoured around for the inspiration and it’s just too jolly late to turn back now.