Chocolate and Banana French Toast

Chocolate and Banana French Toast Recipe

This, is an absolute game changer of a recipe. But it’s strictly for Sundays. I know I preach decadence like its a religion, but if you want to see this side of Christmas, you’ll keep this one for treats only.

Cinnamon and Apple French Toast

Brunch is a meal that is made better by two things. The first is sunshine, the second is champagne.
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Although, not much could make this brunch better. French toast just isn’t done properly in most restaurants, the bread isn’t thick enough, the flavour is insipid and it’s usually revoltingly overpriced.

Clean Eating: Spelt Baconcakes

Pancakes are good. Bacon pancakes are better. Speltbaconcakes (one word) are a whole new grown up world of yummy goodness. It does, in fact, give you the ‘tummy snuggles’. (Other such foods include yorkshires, roast parsnips and lime cover chicken that slips right off the bone… ooo-er).
bacon, spelt, pancakes, recipeA quick word on spelt flour – it’s not wheat, but it’s also not gluten free. Despite what current food trends would have you believe. However, the gluten structure is different to wheat – so people with a small wheat intolerance might be ok – if you’re a full blown celiac and bread is your nemesis, you’re still going to need to swap this for a GF flour. It will still be good, but it’s going to loose that very decadent, slightly nutty edge that spelt brings.