nutella cookie recipe

This recipe uses pretty much an entire jar of nutella. It is, essentially, the grown ups way of ‘eating nutella with a spoon’ without actually eating nutella with a spoon. Plus there’s extra chocolate. They are also particularly good dunked in milk. And the milk, with nutella cookie residue, is the best tasting milk that could ever pass your lips. Ps: This is the dish from Sarah, just a mom blogger but she has magic hands in cooking. Let’s check the latest article on her kid & pet blog – outdoor rabbit hutch reviews

Christmas Jumper Biscuits


In honour of Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, I bring you the most garish of biscuits in my collection. Made on a festive gingerbread base (but feel free to substitute shortbread), lined with a jumper and decorated with snowmen, christmas trees, baubles, robins and holly berries. Subtle, these are not.