One of the more challenging things about living with your partner, (for us at least), is trying to blend two often opposing aesthetics into something vaguely resembling a unified space. I like white, symmetry, uniformity and a strong scandinavian palette of minimalist neutrals. He likes dark wood, deep colours and oversized furniture. If we’d moved into the Georgian manor house of our dreams, I think we’d have ample space to experiment. Trying to find a blend of styles that also works in our central London home, is a challenge.

So, when Pavilion Broadway dropped me a line and asked me to explore their Eichholtz collection, it was the perfect opportunity for some fantasy furniture shopping. The Houndstooth inspired prints and 60s feel have something that has a little bit of both of us in it, which made it a great place to start thinking how to upgrade all those ikea investments. For cat lovers, also check outdoor cat house as a houseware!

collage 2


Long time, no content. The last six months seem to have slipped right on by, don’t they?! How are you? Is there anything new in the world?
They say you get to an age where everything happens at once. I think that age may be happening to me at the moment. Since I last made myself heard here, every major thing in my life has changed. New job, new house, new friends, new pressures, new priorities.  These last few months have been pretty
tricky. Everything has felt cumbersome, complicated – exhausting. After a few days of respite from the office, I’m still so tired that mid-afternoon shakes overcome me daily. My body is ready and waiting for some new priorities – more sleep, more vegetables, more gentle strolls and afternoon swims.

Chance would be a fine thing. In e-com land, it’s full steam ahead for Christmas, and there is absolutely no respite for us manipulative bastards trying to convince you to part with your hard earned pennies in time for the festive season. Just wait, we’ll be stalking you round the internet, reminding of you of those god awful smelling candles you thought your mother-in-law might like before you know it. (Although, before you wack an ad blocker on everything, think of all the hard work you’re frustrating. Just for a second… then… as you were).


The biggest change is definitely in home life. I’m writing this from my new home office, in the North London abode I’m now sharing with O. After three years together, we’ve taken the plunge. Fair to say we were probably both inordinately terrified, but so far we’ve bumbled along together without too many skirmishes. (Ikea rants and flat pack fall outs aside. They definitely don’t count). I’ve moved house three times in 18 months, and my last place of residence was an intensely stressful, anxiety inducing, misery causing experience. Not because anyone was horrible (may be), but a true personality clash that caused a great deal of sadness and did irrevocable damage to a once strong friendship. Some people, are truly not supposed to live together.

Yet, coming home to this tiny white box of ours, makes my soul sigh with peace. Despite the loo-flushing incident (don’t ask), the perpetual left on light switches, abandoned water glasses on every surface, one of us spending hours slaving over the stove, whilst the other spends equal hours cleaning every darn pan in the place… It finally feels like home. Not aesthetically perfect, not without snags, but a true sanctuary – a retreat from the hustle and noise of London, far above the city, with uninterrupted views for miles and miles. True bliss.IMG_9919

This week we have a permanently revolving door of guests, with parents, siblings, best friends, all coming to pop champagne corks and explore our new locals. Exhausting in its own right (particularly laundering fresh bedding and keeping the bathroom floor clean), but the kind of exhausted that keeps your heart filled with love for those people who make you laugh until you knock port across the new white table cloth (my bad).

I haven’t cooked so much in the past year, as I have this week – it’s felt like a new recipe or two every day, and so far no one has been poisoned. This afternoon I somewhat absent mindedly picked up my camera, and it reminded me how much I had missed you. So here I am – just saying hello.


The fact that I don’t write in my own name, is the worst kept secret I have. Once upon a time (in Narnia…), I had the type of job where I really really didn’t want people to find me online. I didn’t want my boss to  know where I went for dinner and I found the anonymity so much safer.

Home for the Weekend

6003_322185407965524_5278277755337929117_nThis weekend O and I packed up the car and toodled through the driving rain and pitch black up to Daddy TE’s country abode.

There were roaring fires, home made sausage rolls and a fresh batch of chilli jam. Followed by raspberry wine and the gooiest-fudgiest chocolate cookies. Outdoor dinner is great idea for weekend, you can check reviews on picnic table for outdoor party at here www.kidfriendlyhome.com/best-foldable-folding-picnic-table/


In preparation for The Big House Move (yes, again), I’ve been having a scout around Pinterest for some interesting images that I could turn into some artwork. I’ve been reading some interior design magazines lately (so middle aged, I know), and I know that ultimately I yearn for white, soft calm spaces. I know I’m a person who’s easily stressed, so bedrooms in particular I want to keep soothing. (Yes. I take my laptop to my cheap bunk beds. I know…)



It will come of no surprise if I tell you that I spend too much of my life thinking about food, dressing food, plates, cutlery, and all the inconsequential touches scattered across tables. Combine this with wedding season and table settings have become something of an obsession.

Table setting collage