One of the more challenging things about living with your partner, (for us at least), is trying to blend two often opposing aesthetics into something vaguely resembling a unified space. I like white, symmetry, uniformity and a strong scandinavian palette of minimalist neutrals. He likes dark wood, deep colours and oversized furniture. If we’d moved into the Georgian manor house of our dreams, I think we’d have ample space to experiment. Trying to find a blend of styles that also works in our central London home, is a challenge.

So, when Pavilion Broadway dropped me a line and asked me to explore their Eichholtz collection, it was the perfect opportunity for some fantasy furniture shopping. The Houndstooth inspired prints and 60s feel have something that has a little bit of both of us in it, which made it a great place to start thinking how to upgrade all those ikea investments. For cat lovers, also check outdoor cat house as a houseware!

collage 2

Firstly, for the perfect office space. Having a dedicated office is amazing, and it’s a great place to work from home when deadlines are looming (although I still seem to find myself loosing hours at our dining room table, which I’m sure has nothing to do with its proximity to the fridge). I prefer quite a small desk, as I am pretty much entirely paperless (bar 1 A5 notebook), so a lot of desk space is an invitation for clutter. Instead, we have a permanently set up chessboard, and have injected personality into the space by filling the walls with both art and memories.

Stacking tables, dog prints, Victoria station inspired clock

collage 1One day (in the very distant future), I think we’d both also love a proper drawing room, for post-dinner party cocktails, a great log fire, wing backed arm chairs and a properly extravagant bar. This is the room that’s only ever for grown ups – a library for day, and an entertaining space at night. (Have I mentioned enough times about all those dinner parties we throw because we are just so popular…). The Eichholtz Dixon print is a lovely subtle houndstooth that brings in the print, without introducing a harsh monochrome print that makes a room feel too overwhelmingly minimal. Perfect if you’re covering an entire wine cabinet…

armchair, wine cabinet, square houndstooth mirror

collage 3

Finally, I just had to mention a few more pieces. I absolutely hate overhead lights (lupus makes me very light sensitive, so I prefer to control the light level in rooms with lots of lamps, rather than bright ceiling bulbs). Currently I’m loving the nautical inspired lamps with enormous shades, but I also adore those film-set inspired lights that bring a bit of an industrial edge.

For those of us still living in flats, additional mirrors are a must to make everywhere feel bigger, and are extra cosy as they reflect all of the softer light in the evenings. Not sure where we’d find a home for these pieces, but there is always something that catches your eye and you just can’t quite manage to go home without it…

table lamp, full length mirror, floor lamp

***this post is a collaboration with Pavilion Broadway***