I sometimes wonder, if O and I didn’t have near identical tastes in food, would we still be together? Much of our time seems to revolve around where the next meal is coming from. Dim Sum is an absolute food stable for us – buy it frozen from the Chinese Supermarket, and you’r 15 minutes and some soy sauce away from simple, satisfying comfort food.


So, to celebrate a promotion, we spent a wonderful weekday lunchtime thirty stories above London, at Hutong in The Shard. They offer a great Dim Sum menu – 5 portions for £28 (aka 10 portions between two). Throw in a couple of glasses of verve and you’re looking at around about £100 for lunch for two – which compared to ordering ala carte is a steal, and I promise you will leave groaning with fullness and calculating when you can next justify a day off to come back.

O took care of the ordering (trying to remember ten dishes got too much for me), and we both felt wholeheartedly that this was some of the best Chinese cuisine we’d ever had (and if it’s in London, we’ve had most of it). The menu is not so out there as to be unfamiliar, but there’s some great twists to the classics you’re used to.


I’d say that you mustn’t miss out on the ginger and spring onion lobster buns (divine), nor the rose champagne shrimp dumplings (perfection), or the crispy peking duck spring rolls. The chicken dumplings are excellent, and O liked the wagyu beef puffs so much he managed six of them. 


Service is attentive and swift, without being lingering or obtrusive (my personal pet hate). Go in a pair and you can expect a table facing out across London. We had a fabulous view over Borough Market towards St Pauls, and even though we’re both scared of heights, we felt quite happy. I’d never felt any desire to go The Shard (having gone for the food only), but having been once, I have plans to eat my way round the building.


31 Saint Thomas Street,