You know the days I mean. Something didn’t go to plan, someone took a ‘tone’, a harsh word was uttered. The deadlines are piling up, you haven’t taken a lunch break in three months, that dependable person let you down.

The days when you go home with your head whirring, you fall asleep thinking about work, you dream of your colleagues and you wake every 2 hours. For some reason you think 11pm is an acceptable time to check your emails “just in case” and several chumps are still working.

I definitely know what it’s like to have one of those brains that ticks away constantly, never wanting to switch off. But I’ve learned that reclaiming your life, relaxing and switching off is a choice. I don’t follow a yoga loving, green juice drinking life. It’s more likely to be a 12 hour day, two bottles of wine and a drunk McDonalds on the walk home routine.

But for when you do need to give yourself some TLC, I’ve got that routine down…


Firstly, I have a White Company diffuser at home. It’s not an overly strong fragrance, but a floral lift that instantly makes me feel calmer and in the mood to wind down.


If I’m feeling anxious (that stomach churning kind) then I brew a peppermint tea . I don’t need to tell you again that my favourite one is by Jing. There really isn’t a fresher, richer blend avaliable, and I’m a big believer in spending the most amount of money on the things you get the most use out of. That means the best tea for relaxing, the most pleasing every day fragrances, the finest, softest bed linen.

If indulging in loose leaf tea is your thing, then you should consider picking up a Tea Infuser mug.


When I’m feeling more melancholic, nothing is more cheering than whole rosebud tea. Sweet, fragrant and undeniably decadent. (And 10 cups is less than £2.50. Stick it Starbucks). If you really want to push the boat out for your tea drinking experience (and I do), then also pick up a tea timer, to ensure the perfect flavour.

Just taking those 5 minutes when you walk in the door, to breathe in the scent of home, and brew the perfect cup of tea puts me in the mood to calm down and get into the relaxed space.



Next, kick off your big girl shoes and slip into your sparkliest flats or softest slippers. (Flats from Boden and slippers from The White Company).


Now, depending on mood, I collapse into bed with either a novel or a recipe book. Key here is to avoid your laptop and the television. If you can bare it, leave your phone in the next room. No emails, please.

Whilst we’re talking about beds, a note on sheets. I don’t think you need to spend a gazillion pounds, but 100% cotton is definitely worth the pay off – a far more comfortable nights sleep than any polyester blend. My waffle weave is available here.

When I can’t settle to read, it’s off to the kitchen. The old adage of ‘keeping your hands busy’ is definitely true. No one needs a mid week Michelin starred meal, but some gentle pottering helps distract the mind.


Plus, an indulgent treat is allowed. Your reward for not whiling away the evening in the pub talking shop and drinking three days worth of calories. 
IMG_1900When you really need to indulge, take your dinner back to bed. Light your favourite candles, pop on your favourite play list (Tchaikovsky’s Romeo & Juliet fantasy overture is my preference), and take a moment to breathe.

If you can’t be still and just breathe (I often can’t), then a bit of gentle stretching can work well. I’m really not into ‘zen’ yoga, but I do find Yoga with Adrienne to help me find some inner calm.

And then (you knew this was coming), go to fucking sleep. No excuses!