Hands up, I am absolutely not a morning person. I do quite often go into the office early, but that is because it is quieter and therefore fewer people will try and speak to me during the initial two hours. I’m no caffeine addict (coffee makes me so anxious I may as well be high), I just find being dragged from my cheap bunk beds via an alarm the most inelegant way of starting the day.



Unfortunately, mornings do not seem to be disappearing any time soon (mores the pity). In an attempt to start the day with more ‘pep’ I’ve been trying to incorporate more zing into my morning routine. For the last three weeks I’ve been starting my day with fresh juice, and this is what I’ve learned…

Start with Shots

IMG_1839I’d love to say vodka shots. Many a day I’m calling for my gin ration before lunch just to get me through. But not this time. If you struggle to get going in the morning, juice a thumb size piece of ginger and one green apple and toss it down the hatch. You’ll wince, but my goodness will it startle your senses awake.

(If you need to make this the night before for speed, then add in a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to preserve the goodness, and try to store it in a teeny-tiny jar to keep the oxygen out).

Go Green

IMG_1828I’m a huge advocate of green juice. With most ‘centrifugal’ juicers the leafier veg (think spinach) don’t give a great deal of bang for your buck. I find cucumber and courgette are brilliant, and celery (if you can stomach the taste) also gives a lot of liquid. Spice up with ginger and lime or matcha powder. In terms of fruits, I try and limit mine, but watermelon is particularly refreshing and apples and pears add a hit of sweetness if you can’t stomach 100% vegetable juice.IMG_1834

Remember Brunch


For the weekend, fresh fruit juice is the absolute best way to start the day. Once you have a juicer at home, theres never a need to shell out three quid on a carton of Copella again. Even for the most basic apple and orange juices, you can concoct a blend of varieties to find your perfect mix of sweet-and-sharp. I recommend two parts Granny Smith to one part Pink Lady. A pink granny, if you will.

Juicing Equipment

Phillips kindly sent me one of their Viva collection juicers as part of their #realjuicereboot campaign. As far as my experience with juicers go, this one is good value and is easy to disassemble and clean. It claims to be cleaned in under a minute – I’m not sure I quite agree, but I usually throw everything in the dishwasher and let the machine deal with the manual labour.