Thoughts on Juice

teapigs matcha challenge

I have a confession. I really don’t want to be one of ‘those’ January healthy people (FYI I had McDonalds last week. Twice), but I’ve become a bit of a vegetable fanatic. I got a very lovely shiny nutribullet for Christmas (spinach, red grape and raspberry is the best) and Phillips very kindly sent me a juicer last week, and now I just want to make juice out of every substance known to man.

Just to be clear, this is not any of that ‘new year, new me’ crap. I used to spend £5 a pop on a far too regular basis buying nakd smoothies, cold pressed juices etc as I’m five and I don’t want to eat my vegetables. Chugging them back on the walk to work whilst bopping along to T-Swift is far easier than some kind of god awful kale salad for lunch.

teapigs matcha challenge

So now I’m really saving money (honest mum) and I’m also experimenting with adding nuts and ‘super foods’ for an extra boost. I decided I wanted to give up diet-coke for January. I use the past tense, because (quelle surprise) I only made it two weeks. And those two weeks were full of mid-afternoon slumps and grumpy meetings.

Mornings, however, are a bit of a different story. I’ve been adding half a teaspoon of the teapigs matcha powder for a shot of energy, and a big table spoon of flax to , you know, keep things regular. (I refuse to document my digestive behaviour on the internet. If you want tips, drop me an email). Quite a few people will tell you that matcha is distinct and quite grassy tasting, but I really don’t notice it when blended into a smoothie and it does give you a good hit of energy.

If you need a boost and don’t want a liquid breakfast, take the juice of half an apple and a teaspoon of ginger, with 1/4 teaspoon of matcha. Shot it, wince and feel alive.

teapigs matcha challenge

I even tried matcha in my hot chocolate. That, ladies and gents, was too far. Don’t put green tea powder in your hot chocolate.

I’ve also been loving cacao, cashew butter and dates blended up with almond milk (or cows milk if you prefer. I’m not an evangelist of almond milk, I just really don’t like what dairy does to my digestion). If you’d like a recipe for a totally clean and ridiculously satisfying chocolate milk, let me know?

If you’re thinking about smoothies/juices I’d really recommend it. I’m not preaching cleanses or trying to suggest you need to ‘detox’ (your liver does that), but you do great a great placebo of ‘virtue’ and since making my own I find the shop bought kind revoltingly sweet. And being more sensitive to sugar can’t be bad now can it….*


* I have three cases (yes, cases – not packets) of Lindt chocolate under my desk. And it’s GREAT. Baby steps…