nutella cookie recipe

This recipe uses pretty much an entire jar of nutella. It is, essentially, the grown ups way of ‘eating nutella with a spoon’ without actually eating nutella with a spoon. Plus there’s extra chocolate. They are also particularly good dunked in milk. And the milk, with nutella cookie residue, is the best tasting milk that could ever pass your lips. Ps: This is the dish from Sarah, just a mom blogger but she has magic hands in cooking. Let’s check the latest article on her kid & pet blog – outdoor rabbit hutch reviews

You can knock up a batch and have them cooling in under 20 minutes, so grab your back up jar of nutella (everyone has one, right?) and take whatever device you’re reading this on to the kitchen.

nutella cookie recipe

You will need:
275g Nutella (essentially one standard jar with a couple of spoonfuls for tasting)
70g Plain Flour
1 egg

100g filling (I used white chocolate and a capful of peppermint extract – but walnuts, pecans, expresso beans would all work brilliantly).

nutella cookie recipe

Pre-heat the oven to 160 Fan
Mix all the ingredients together until just combined
Grease or line a baking tray, and evenly space out 9-12 thick disks (depending on how big you like your cookies)
Bake for 10 minutes. Don’t be tempted to leave them in longer: they should be soft and molten in the middle.
Leave them to cool and harden up on the tray – this is where those extra spoonfuls of nutella come in, to keep tempted fingers away from these cookies until they’re ready.

nutella cookie recipe

Dunk into milk and devour!


Thank you to  Sue for introducing me to this recipe, and letting me share it here 🙂

And FINALLY … today is my last day at work for two entire glorious weeks and it’s going to be beautiful. Season’s Greetings, you fabulous folk!